Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a wit!

I sign the PC&E forms and chat to the chap collecting the dead fridge.
“Your rebate in maybe......…four to six weeks.”
“Super. Thank you so much.”
“Ave a nice day,” he beams to reveal his lack of dental insurance.
“Have a better one!” I hope, as I wave. I dash back into the house with soggy fluff muffs where I greet my bedraggled, dozy, unemployed daughter in the kitchen.
“Have you fed "Thatcher" yet Mum?”
“Fed, watered, walked, pooped, pooped again, poop cleaned up.”
“In addition I’ve got them all off to school on time, washed the floor, completed three loads of laundry, changed one wet bed, made supper and pudding for seven, run through Nonna’s check list of the day, updated the school’s ‘I love to read’ programme for three classes, phoned mum and I’ve just signed off the fridge, at last.”
“Blimey……..and it’s only just gone ten.”
“Still that’s one less thing.”
“What’s one less thing?”
“The fridge.”
“One less thing on Nonna’s check list for you to run through every day.”
“Good point.”
Nonna times her arrival to perfection, “look at dat,” she says waggling her arm towards the window.
“The fridge?”
“Yes, they collected it this morning, at last.”
“They collected the fridge today?”
“They did.”
“Ow many days az it bin den?”
“Only ten days.”
“Ow we manage wivout a fridge den?”
“We have a new one, one that works.”
“Where is what?”
“Dah new fridge.”
“There in the kitchen, next to the big cupboard.”
“Ooo, is dat new?”
“Ow new it is?”
“10 days old.”
“Ooo dats nice. Where is dah old fridge den?”
“They took it away, this morning.”
“Who took it away?”
“PG&E, the utility company.”
“Why dey take it away?”
“It was broken.”
“You pay dem?”
“No they pay us, $35.00 to recycle it.”
“Ooo dats good den. Was it old?”
“Ow old it was?”
“What it is?”
“Friday the 9th of January 2009.”
She pauses and rests an arm on the counter which is just as well because I’m feeling pretty dizzy myself.
“So Maddy……….?”
“Ow much?”
“How much for what?”
“Ow much you pay?”
“For the fridge?”
“No…….......….ow much you pay to ave me recycled?”


tut-tut said...

ha! Sense of humor counts for a lot.

Chris H said...

You have to give her 10 outta 10 for that one! She's such a laugh.

Jayne said...

LOL Nonna's humour is a classic.

crunchy said...

Ah if only it were that easy!


franki said...

oy. i need another cup o coffee!

maryt/theteach said...

Oh Maddy, you're so good at this kind of conversation! :)

Jocelyn said...

I suspect that humour is what gets you through the day...

You remind me, again and again, I have no right to feel overwhelmed!

chelle said...

hehe awwww Nobody would ever want to recycle that sweetie!

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

I might be interested in this recycling program, especially if it doesn't require any needles or pain of any sort!

BTW, You have a blog award waiting to be picked up!