Sunday, January 4, 2009

Knit wit

I sit on the sofa knitting for the few moments prior to the arrival of the boys, first thing in the morning, whilst the kettle begins to boil.

Knit one, worry two.

The BBC News tells me of the woes of the world. It’s the changes, however small that I need to note. Until recently Nonna was up for breakfast every day amid the mayhem, another body in the way of progress. Her days ended around nine, just like most good Americans. More recently she has failed to surface until 9 in the morning, sometimes as late as ten. As soon as light falls just after 5 in the evening, there are mutterings about bed time. I know she reads. I know she needs some quiet time away from the chaos. I suspect she sleeps fitfully. In the mornings my suspicions are either confirmed or dismissed.

We have two scenarios:-

“Good morning. How did you sleep?”
“Me? I always sleep well thank you.”

“Good morning. How did you sleep?”
“Me? I never sleep, it’s my age.”

Like I say, it’s the change that is worrisome, but when a slightly dazed Nonna appears at the door jam, I am not particularly surprised.
“Wot you do?”
“I’m knitting and watching the news,” I bellow.
“Wot you do ere in dah middle of dah night?”
“I’m waiting for the boys, they’ll be here any minute.”
“Wot time it is?”
“Late…….5:35…….in the morning.”
“Wot day it is?”
“Gawd……..” Nonna watches the subtitles roll for her benefit on the screen.
“Wot it is?”
“The Gaza Strip.”
“Ooo dear me, dah troubles of dah world. Good night den……..I’ll see you in dah proper morning.”

It would appear that someone has more than acclimatized to the status quo.


Patois said...

Yes, I would like to sleep through the chaos being reported as well.

Chris H said...

Gawd your Nonna cracks me up!