Saturday, July 4, 2009

Magic Mushrooms - feeding the 5000

I pull out fresh croutons from the blazing oven and pause to think what next to do when Nonna steps into the kitchen, “so you didn’t burn dem dis time.” I suppress a pout.
“Yes, croutons and lots of garlic.”
“Dats good den! Although I don’t mind them burnt. Dah squirrels like dem too.”
“Hmm I wondered why they were scattered all over the garden.”
“Ooo look at dat!”
“Doz tings.”
“Which things?”
“Doz……..mushrooms dat you made. Dey are very realistic.”
“Ah……they’re supposed to be acorns.”
“Are dey? Well dats no good den as you can’t eat acorns. Acorns are poisonous. Did you know dat?”
“Er yes. I did. But as they’re not real so you can’t eat them anyway.”
“You can’t?”
“What a shame. Maybe you could buy some real ones?”
“Happy to add them to the list for the next shopping list.”
“Are you going to write dem on dah list?”
“Yes… I don’t forget.”
“Good. You do dat and I’ll go feed dah squirrels.”
“They’re not real acorns.”
“I know.”
“So you can’t feed the acorns to the squirrels.”
“Of course not. I’m going to feed dem dah some of doz croutons, the left overs.”
“But they aren’t left overs…… yet.”
“Dey are now!”


Patois said...

"!" indeed.

Chris H said...

Well, you have to give her 10 outta 10 for LOGIC!