Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tooth Travel

I put down the receiver and skip back to the kitchen to wash up after breakfast. I have been remiss in my telephone calls and the weekly time slot has slipped. Busyness is relentless. My ‘to do’ list overflows, my working memory is straining at the leash. I too have given up on showers as personal care is at at all time low. If I only had a tardis I would warp speed myself forward, or possibly backwards? A time traveler is surely the only solution?

“So……. How is your mum den?” asks Nonna as I steer past her and refuse to acknowledge the progress of her washing up efforts with enough water to fill an average bath.
“Oh she’s on great form but the weather!” I grab the chopping board and knife to begin prepping for lunch, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, within easy shouting distance.
“Weather?” The drier pings so I zip over to put on the next load and start folding.
“Yes coming down like stair rods,” I bellow from the utility room.
“What are you about doz tings den?” asks Nonna.
“Which things?”
“Those tings in the garden?”
“Which things?”
“Oh you know……tomatoes…….you are going to pick dem before dey spoil?”
“Um…in a minute.”
“Anyway……..what is wrong wiv you today?”
“What is wrong wiv you today?”
“You know?”
“Not really?”
“You are talk funny wiv, your mouth. You know?”
“No. Know what?”
“Your mouth.”
I think.

I have neither spat nor lisped all morning.

Oh no! My retainer!


Anonymous said...

Linky-love to you, Maddy, today on my post. Barbara

Jayne said...

I'll pop over and pick those tomatoes for you :P

Kaber said...

i don't always understand your conversations. Maybe you just use idioms that I don't know. Like "Coming down like stair rods"

enjoy your tomatoes!

Joeymom said...

Showers are overrated, anyway. ;)

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, I do that sometimes too!

Club 166 said...

Oh, dear. Hope you find the retainer. Too much time and money to get those things replaced!


Kaber said...

Tegarding your comment-
Yes, the hotel life does seem like eons ago!! life changes SO quickly!! thanks for the reminder of how far things have come in the last 2 months.

*** and I'm kinda suprised your kids didn't like the ocean box. But Ki is 'artsy' and I am 'science-y'.

Alison said...

A tardis surely would be handy every now and again. It could get rather confusing though for daily use.

Yay - another expat Dr. Who fan!!! I'm glad to have bumped into you :-)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, doll. Nice new digs you've got here!

Anonymous said...

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