Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sharing a repeat

The first time I was taken aback, as well I should be, but this is still one of my preferred repeats, even though I’m familiar with the punch line. One of our many daily exchanges. I find it quite endearing that she needs to check on each and every household member, their whereabouts, their welfare, from the highest to the lowliest. Our current exchange is much briefer than the original.

It goes as follows:-

“So den Maddy?”
“Wot about dis one den?”
“Which one?”
“Ow is she today?”
“Dah…..wot it called again…..?”
“Ah yes. Ow is she today do you tink?”
“Very well.”
“Where is she?”
“In the tank, in the family room.”
“Not outside today den?”
“No we’ll put him out in the garden later to stretch his legs.”
“Dat’s nice. Wot iz her name again?”
“Dat’s a strange name for a girl isn’t it?”
“He’s a boy.”
“Is he! Ow you know dat den?”
“Well…..we don’t really, not yet, we have to wait for him to get a bit bigger and then we’ll be able to tell.”
“You will! Ow?”
“If he’s a boy then the bottom of his shell will be concave, for mounting. If he’s a girl then the bottom of his shell will be convex.”
“Hmm….I see. It’ll be bad if she’s a girl……Fred.”
“Frederick for a boy. Frederica for a girl.”
“Oh…..I see. Fred…..always feminine of course.”
“Feminine? Like I said, we don’t really know yet.”
“No…..always feminine.”
“Well……like I said……we have to wait and see.”
“Feminine. Always. Tartaruga!” she announces with a flourish.
“La tartaruga, in Italian, always feminine.”

Note to self – in my next life, now that I have the benefit of hindsight, I shall study Italian instead of failing French, German and Latin, mixed in with occupational and speech therapy of course.


Jazz said...

La tortue in French so he's always a she for us too. Or something.

sheila said...

Oh my! That's really pretty incredible!

sheila said...

oh, very cool pic too!

dgibbs said...

That conversation seems strangely familiar to my conversations with my mother. Except she recently asked me if a tortoise was a bird or a rabbit.

SeaThreePeeO said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Love the picture for this post.

I wish I could speak another language, but I have enough trouble trying to speak English

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Fantastic! I love how she thought of that.

Elizabeth said...

I'm new to your blog and looking forward to reading more!