Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cream – who’s got it?

“You bought a what!”
“Not ‘bought,’ ‘adopted,’ – remember, we’re Americans now.”
“But why. Why now?”
“It’s been on my mind for a while, but this morning – that was the final straw.”
“What happened?”
“Rascal brought another mouse into the house.”
“Yes – but I caught it - so hopefully no babies this time.”
“Well that’s alright then. So why did you buy another cat?”
“Because I didn’t kill the mouse, I let it go in the garden.”
“In the garden?”
“Actually that’s a lie – I threw it over the fence into the empty lot.”
“Like a rickety old wooden fence is a cast iron barrier.”
“Why didn’t you kill it?”
“You never kill them.”
“And anyway, I wasn’t going to kill it in cold blood in front of an audience.”
“Which particular audience?”
“All the children and Nonna.”
“Ah – I can see why you’d want to avoid being type cast as violent annihilator of innocents.”
“That still doesn’t explain why you bought another cat.”
“Well Rascal caught it again and brought it back into the house. This time it escaped - upstairs. Took us all morning to track it down and trap it – mayhem, absolute mayhem. I haven’t managed to get one thing done today.”
“And buying another cat is somehow going to increase your efficiency? Did it ever occur to you that now you’ll be chasing double the amount of vermin?”
“Hmm. But this new cat is going to eat them.”
“You know that for a fact?”
“Indubitably. She is a ferocious mouser. It's genetic.”
“Rascal will leave - he’ll be jealous.”
“It’s a female cat.”
“Yup. Smaller than Rascal, company not competition.”
“I don’t know how you can have such confidence in such inanity.”
“I’m merely quoting your mother.”
“Ah. So…….?”
“She’s absolutely thrilled – Christmas has come early.”


Osh said...

As a multi cat owner, I heartily approve!

Niksmom said...

LOL. We have two cats also. One is Rascal, the other Pandora. Somehow they always live up to their names. What is your new kitty's name?

Chris H said...

You have to marvel at his logic! Cute cat.. if ya like cats!

Anne said...

Well, does this new beast have a name?

Heather Mundell said...

Adorable! Yes, what's the name?!

Maddy said...

Humble apologies - this is Flint short for Flintianna Jones in the Temple of Doom - we sincerely hope that this is a passing phase [the name not the lifespan!]

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

What a pretty addition to the household! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

She is pretty! We have 2 littermates foundlings a boy and girl. They bring more birds - feathers are a mess! However, with use of a pet door to the closed-porch when the owners are out, the mess is mostly contained.

W. Latane Barton said...

That is so cute. You HAVE to have a sane reason for getting another cat and mice are one of them. And, the fact that you just love cats!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Ahhhh always room for one!

kanishk said...

Cute cat..
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