Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wedding March

From a few weeks ago.

“Yes Nonna?”
“Did you know?”
“Know what?”
“Der is a man in dah garden?”
“Yes, that’s Mr. B.”
“Mr. B?”
“Yes, her boyfriend.”
“Oh. Is he black?”
“Az ee always been black?”
“Um…….as far as I know.”
“Oh. Dat’s good den. I like iz Italian name."
" too."
"Wot about dah other one?”
“Which other one?”
“The other boyfriend?”
“Which one?”
“The shorter one?”
“She blew him off.”
“Blew? Oh right, yes. What about dah other one then?”
“The skinny one?”
“No he’s just a friend.”
“She’s not marry dat one den?”
“No. He’s gay.”
“Oh! Dat’s good den.”
“So den Maddy……..ow come she az so many admirers?”
“She has a beautiful mind, amongst her many other "assets.”
“So eez dah one den?”
“So it would appear.”
“So ow you feel about dat den?”
“Old….....…very old.”
“You’ll be a lot older soon.”
“When soon?”
“When she az babies.”
“Oh I don’t think that’s on the cards any time soon.”
“Do you know?”
“Know what?”
“When we first met……..dat is wot you said to me!”

I’m sure everyone will be glad to know that Mr. B is now in residence and has been duly added to Nonna’s attendance register.


Jocelyn said...

I love that Nonna always gets the punch line.

Welcome to Mr. B. I'm sure he'll add character to your already-overflowing house.

Patois said...

I love how Nonna is always thinking.

Osh said...

Nonna is a hoot!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

“Az ee always been black?”
I love it! She is too much!